The External Studies Unit

About The Faculty

Sharon Dahan (Senior Software Architect at Moovit)
SW engineer, IDF Technology
unit graduate with over 10 years of
technology and development
experience. Sharon was a technology
and architecture consultant for major
enterprises. Sharon specializes in
planning and developing scalable high-performance systems.

The External Studies Unit

The External Studies Unit is one of the finest Project Management schools, with over 15 different branches across Israel.

E.S.U. works with Universities and colleges from the North to the South of Israel by providing them exceptional service in the most relevant and desired fields of education.

E.S.U. offers more than 120 different classes, many of which can be taken Online. 

By 2020 More than 25,000 students graduated and, currently, boast nearly 6000 registered students.

E.S.U has many courses in IT fields such as QA, Full stack, Cyber, App development and more…

E.S.U has partnered with foreign organizations in Europe, South Sudan, Nepal and India.

E.S.U has established its reputation thanks to recruitment of the highest calibre staff, teachers, and lecturers in every discipline.

E.S.U is currently working on several projects with the Israeli government and the IDF

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